About Us

We supply products according to the need of the customers. Our approach towards doing business is customer centred. Customer satisfaction is of at most importance for us. Our fire safety products range is available for all types of purposes such as household purposes, small businesses purposes, commercial purposes as well as industrial purposes. We ensure the best quality of our wide ranging products so that not even a small harm can occur at any point of time.


A company is known for its quality services that it provides to the customers. Thaksheel Fire and Safety Equipments is also known for its type and quality of services. We in coordination with our team members, aim to provide best quality services to our customers in the field of Fire and Safety solutions.

Our quality services include:

Checking and maintenance of the product: Our responsibility is not finished after handling over the products to our customers. The main responsibility starts after it. Fire safety equipments are not often used. They are used only at the time of adverse situations. Thus it becomes very important to properly check the equipments and products after installation regularly. The maintenance of the products depends on the type of agreement that a customer does at the time of purchasing the equipments.

Training related to fire and safety: We not only supply products for fire safety, we also provide several trainings for this purpose. Our trainings include training related to evacuation, training related to the use of different fire safety products, training related to different types of fires and some basic tips related to fire fighting.

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